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By saying that you get fat because you overeat is what scientists call a ‘cause and effect’ statement: Overeating causes fat. Unfortunately, the true cause and effect are reversed in that statement. The truth instead is: Getting fat causes overeating. Here is why. Read more… »

Body Fat Loss - Belly Fat Book

Body fat loss is a hot topic in scientific research. Most of the research is hard to find and even harder to understand for the non-scientist. That is why I have gathered the best research available, which taxpayers have already paid for, and put it into a downloadable book with easy to understand advice at no charge. Read more… »

The holiday season does not have to mean adding unwanted pounds. Of all the tips for weight management, these are 4 of the simplest that I have found. They are even backed up with some good scientific research. Read more… »

Palm Desert, CA (PRWEB) Lose the Belly Fat, a book about fat loss by nutritionist Marcy S. Gregory, takes a practical and remarkable approach to unexpected weight gain experienced by many women prior to and during menopause. At 45, Gregory was motivated to look into perimenopause and its side effects, specifically abdominal weight gain despite exercise and proper nutrition, and the accompanying frustration and even despair. A chance meeting with an older woman experiencing these symptoms inspired her to focus on premenopause during her graduate studies of human nutrition. Read more… »

Unimportance of Calories

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The whole business of keeping track of calories for weight loss is so misused that I am astounded. As a scientist, I understand the concept of calories as a measure of energy. Energy in this case specifically refers to heat. Read more… »