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Losing Belly Fat Naturally

Losing belly fat seems to be our biggest personal challenge these days. The good news is that weight loss medications are not necessary (they do not work, anyway) and that slimming down can be down naturally. Unfortunately, you will find a lot of hype and misinformation on this red hot topic. Here is what a research scientist suggests. Read more… »

Lose Fat – But Which Fat?

Belly Fat Loss

The smart goal is to lose fat, not just weight. The question is, what fat? Is there really bad body fat that is different from good body fat? Absolutely, and here is what you should know about each one. Read more… »

How many calories should I eat

How many calories should I eat a day is a common yet misguided question. For the purpose of weight loss, calories are an almost irrelevant consideration. Here is why. Read more… »

How to Burn Fat Naturally - Sleeping

Your body already knows how to burn fat naturally. In fact, you can do it while you sleep. You can make the process better, though, with just a little bit of planning. Here is how. Read more… »

How to Lose Belly Fat by Dieting

Common advice on how to lose belly fat by dieting is mostly wrong, even from medical doctors who should know better. Advice generally focuses on restricting calories, which is a dead-end strategy that rarely works. Eating less does not cause fat loss. Read more… »

Palm Desert, CA (PRWEB) Lose the Belly Fat, a book about fat loss by nutritionist Marcy S. Gregory, takes a practical and remarkable approach to unexpected weight gain experienced by many women prior to and during menopause. At 45, Gregory was motivated to look into perimenopause and its side effects, specifically abdominal weight gain despite exercise and proper nutrition, and the accompanying frustration and even despair. A chance meeting with an older woman experiencing these symptoms inspired her to focus on premenopause during her graduate studies of human nutrition. Read more… »

Man problems are rampant, if the prevalence of commercials about taking baths outdoors with your honey is any indication. One prominent naturopathic doctor calls this increase in ED, man boobs, etc., as the wimpfication of American males. Belly fat might be the main culprit. Read more… »

after-hcg-diet-breakfast-rib-eye-steak-and-eggsThe metabolism of fat – how we use it and store it – is truly fascinating. One of the mythologies of modern dietary recommendations is that eating fat will make you fat. This could not be further from the truth. Read more… »

Lots of Bad Advice About Fat Loss

Sometimes I could just pull my hair out…

…if I hadn’t already lost too much! Mindless dogma rules in the world of weight loss, specifically fat loss. The following drivel is an example from the blog article titled Guaranteed Fat Loss Workouts. Read more… »