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Body Mass Index - Healthy Weight

Body mass index (BMI) is not a reliable indicator of overweight and obesity, in spite of what the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute says. Body fat percentage is the key information that you should have for assessing your weight and health risks. Here is why. Read more… »

Getting rid of fat, part 16. My free belly fat book talks about the importance of fat loss versus weight loss. You are going to be surprised on this one. Read more… »

(PRWEB) Knowing your body fat percentage guides you to the most effective weight by keeping track of the amount of fat lost. This is usually determined as a percentage of body fat a person is carrying in proportion to their actual weight. Widely available and inexpensive body fat monitors provide this information. Read more… »

The Real Story of Fat vs Weight

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Weight is a function of gravity. Yup, scientists know this and most other people do not. What this means is that you can be weightless in the absence of gravity. Read more… »