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Getting rid of fat, part 16. My free belly fat book talks about the importance of fat loss versus weight loss. You are going to be surprised on this one.

Hi, this is Dr. Dennis Clark with my next installment on belly fat science based on the research that I’ve done in the medical literature on belly fat and how you get it and how to get rid of it. Today I want to talk about something that is kind of overlooked and conceptually it’s oversimplified quite a bit and that is the importance of weight loss. I’m going to say that, yes, weight loss is important. However, weight, the physicists tell me, is a function of gravity. That means that if you were in outer space you wouldn’t weigh anything. However, what component that is more important than weight is your body fat composition. If you weigh 200 pounds on Earth and you went to the moon, you’d weigh more like 42 pounds. However, on Earth if you were 35 or 40 percent body fat and went to the moon you’d still be 35 or 40 percent body fat. These are crucial kinds of information that will help you decide or help you find whether you are making progress on changing your weight and changing your health. It has to do with body fat composition. There are easy ways for you to measure your body fat composition. There are simple devices that you get in your bathroom scale at places like Costco or other discount membership clubs. The key is not to lose weight. I want to emphasize that. The key is not to lose weight. The key is to lose body fat. Drop that body fat percent and everything else will work a lot better. It shouldn’t surprise you that losing weight is not as important as you thought it would be. Losing fat is the key for long term health and body composition management that you really want to target. You can find out more about the importance of this and how to achieve it in my free belly fat book, which you can download now at BellyFatScience.com.

All the best with getting rid of fat,

Dr. D

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