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Weight Loss Diet Scale

Weight loss is a bigger deal than ever, and scientists are continually weighing in on what works and what doesn’t work. Unfortunately, the quality of research on this topic is highly variable, and so are the results. Here is what a good study looks like and what the results tell you about eating right for healthy weight loss. You will be pleasantly surprised. Read more… »

This is the best advice that your federal government could come up with. Pathetic. Eat based on the Food Pyramid and you will look like a pyramid. The same goes for MyPyramid and ChooseMyPlate. Read more… »

Getting rid of fat, part 15. My free belly fat book talks about the kinds of food that you should eat and shouldn’t eat. The most important information is to know what the worst food additive in human history is for fat loss and how to avoid it. Read more… »

Aspartame Side Effects Can Kill

Aspartame side effects are so nasty that there is no good reason to consume this artificial sweetener, ever. By approving this substance for human use, the FDA has ignored its responsibility to protect the public. Read what credible scientists and medical researchers have to say about aspartame. Your health depends on paying attention to what they have to say. Read more… »