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The feds are at it again. The good news is that they are finally approaching sensible advice about sugar. Unfortunately, they still miss the boat in a lot of ways. I’ve posted an article on my HerbScientist.com blog with perspectives on the latest recommendations that you should be aware of. The link to that post is here: Latest Federal Dietary Guidelines: Still a Nutrition Minefield.

Let me know what you think.

This is the best advice that your federal government could come up with. Pathetic. Eat based on the Food Pyramid and you will look like a pyramid. The same goes for MyPyramid and ChooseMyPlate. Read more… »


The new USDA MyPlate diet advice dooms Michelle Obama‚Äôs campaign against obesity to fail. If anything, in the world of body fat loss information overload, it is just another special interest diet. It serves the special interests of agribusiness, not of human health. What a shame. Read more… »