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Soy Protein Shake

Ah, the wonders of a soy protein shake. I was just standing out in my yard, in the warm sunshine among the poppies in the desert landscape, sipping on my day’s starter shake. It occurred to me to tell you about what a great way this is to start the day. Here’s what I do. First off, I throw a banana into the blender, today with a couple of large strawberries. Eve finds ripe bananas and other mature fruits at the dollar store. This is ironic, because the produce section there is supposed to be the dregs, the end of the line for stuff that the supermarkets couldn’t sell. It is great stuff, though. Read more… »

Weight loss meals are supposed to include grains and beans. Unfortunately, if these foods are not prepared right, they can cause digestive problems and make you gain weight. Here is a simple tip to overcome such problems and make grains and foods work for weight management the way they are supposed to. Read more… »