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Weight Loss Starts With Your Brain

Weight Loss, Paleo Diet, and Your Brain

Weight loss starts with brain health. Everything your body does depends on it. You might be surprised how good life can be, even in the face of major diseases, by following a few simple suggestions on how to eat right for your brain. Read more… »

How to Lose Weight vs Yo-Yo Dieting

Worried about how to lose weight in spite of repeated cycles of weight loss and regain? New research offers hope that a history of yo-yo dieting does not matter. Here are the results of a recent study. Read more… »

How to Lose Weight with Eggs

Knowing how to lose weight entails this neat little surprise – eat eggs for breakfast. Here is what recent studies show. The bonus is that eggs have no effect on cholesterol levels. Read more… »

Slow Carb Diet - Top 7 Mistakes

The slow carb diet is a wonderfully simple and easy way to lose up to 20 pounds within 30 days. Knowing how to lose weight on this diet entails avoiding the most common mistakes. Read more… »

Slow Carb Diet Breakfast Recipe

Success on the slow carb diet depends on an effective breakfast. Although making a good breakfast every day can be a hassle, here is a simple and quick recipe that is sure to warm the hearts of busy moms, non-cooking bachelors, and others who have to hurry in the morning. Read more… »

Slow Carb Diet Foods to Avoid

The slow carb diet shows how to lose weight effectively when certain foods are avoided. This is not a classic Atkins style low carb diet. It is a strategy for reducing the negative impact of carbs on weight loss, without restricting calories. Read more… »

Slow Carb Diet 30 Day Plan

The slow carb diet is so simple that it doesn’t require a whole book to rationalize and explain how to lose weight. (It is not a low carb diet, either.) Here is all you need to know to get started. Read more… »

Top Slow Carb Diet Foods

Slow Carb Diet Grill

The slow carb diet is the best strategy for how to lose weight effectively. It even beats a low carb diet. Here are the recommended foods and what you can expect from them. Read more… »

The bestselling book, Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis, provides logical explanations for why we should stop consuming wheat. The science behind this advice is mostly good, although a little uneven. Read more… »

Fat Burning Foods Furnace

Fat burning foods – what are they really? Actually, the whole notion is silly. Foods do not burn fat. Metabolic redirection makes more sense. Read more… »