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Getting rid of fat, part 19. My free belly fat book talks about the most important supplement for boosting your growth hormone levels all naturally for fat loss.

Hi, Dr. Dennis Clark here, talking about belly fat science, based on the research I’ve done in the medical literature on how you get fat, or more importantly how to get rid of it. One thing that I get asked about over and over is people are really curious about HGH, human growth hormone. I want to reiterate that you do not buy HGH over the counter. It’s a prescription drug. However, there are certain key things that you can do to get your own body to make more or to release more into the system. One way is to supplement with products that are called HGH secretagogues. All that means is that the HGH that’s stored in your pituitary gland is forced to be released into your body in the presence of these secretagogues. There are all kinds of formulas. Sometimes they’re expensive. Sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they’re worthwhile, and sometimes they’re not. I’m going to tell you the most important ingredient to look for, and sometimes you can even use it all by itself to get the effect. And that is the simply the amino acid, L-arginine. L-arginine is available in powder form so you take anywhere between two to five grams of arginine per day, preferably on two occasions: one before you go to bed at night so you can enhance your nighttime HGH spike and another, if you’re a weightlifter or do some kind of heavy exercise, then take arginine or a secretagogue containing a lot of arginine one hour before you go work out, preferably on an empty stomach. And you’ll get a maximum boost of your HGH like you wouldn’t believe. Those are the two key things that I use for boosting my own HGH level. They’re simple as possible. Sleep is one. Everyone can get sleep. You’ve just got to make sure you get good sleep. Taking arginine before that or taking arginine before a good hard workout is going to help you accomplish that. Yes, arginine is the simplest and probably the most cost-effective supplement that you can use for boosting your own growth hormone naturally. Other amino acids and supplements serve to boost the effects of arginine as well. Take a look at the details in my free belly fat book, which you can download now at BellyFatScience.com.

All the best with getting rid of fat,

Dr. D

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