Fat Loss Biology
Hoodia - Weight Loss Myth

Hoodia scientific research fails to show that supplementing with this herb leads weight loss. Celebrity and other testimonials to the contrary, it simply does not work. African hunters never used it for weight loss, and you shouldn’t either. Read more… »

Hoodia gordonii in South Africa

The published scientific research behind Hoodia as an appetite suppressant in humans is almost nonexistent. I think it is pretty amazing how an entire industry based on this herb has been built on the equivalent of a house of cards. Read more… »

Acai Berry Scams

Acai berry scams started with myths about scientific research on weight loss. There is no such research in reputable scientific journals. Read more… »

Acai Berry Reviews on PubMed

Acai berry reviews almost never provide any real science. However, such research is readily available to the public at PubMed. Here is the complete list. Read more… »


By saying that you get fat because you overeat is what scientists call a ‘cause and effect’ statement: Overeating causes fat. Unfortunately, the true cause and effect are reversed in that statement. The truth instead is: Getting fat causes overeating. Here is why. Read more… »

Meal Spacing And Fat Metabolism

Meal Spacing Clock

Eating five or six meals would be great for stoking your metabolic furnace, if you had one. You don’t. What you have is hormones. The key for proper fat metabolism is to adopt meal spacing that takes advantage of them. Here is how and why. Read more… »

Zero Calorie

The benefits of zero-calorie sweeteners are uneven from one to another. All are super-sweet. However, some are harmless and others are not. Indeed, at least one is very dangerous to your health and should never be consumed. Here are a few details that you should know before you choose any zero-calorie sweetener. Read more… »

Vysera-CLS Diet Pill

A full double-page ad showed up in my Sunday magazine for the new diet pills called Vysera-CLS. Unfortunately, when I went to dig up the substance behind all the wonderful claims about how it can reshape your body, I found none. Read more… »

Fish Oil Weight Loss Photo

Fish oil may or may not help you with weight management, or more specifically, fat management. Several factors come into play, some of which can enhance the positive effects of fish oil and others of which can undermine them. Read more… »

Meal Spacing Clock

Way too many people, in my opinion, are regaining weight after what had been a successful weight loss program. The problem is not the old myth of eating too much or of exercising too little. The main flaw is more likely to be poor meal spacing. Read more… »