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Diet Pills Review - Xenical

Diet pills approved by the FDA provide pluses and minuses for weight loss. The most important information that you need is whether they lead to sufficient weight loss and whether the side effects are acceptable. There are always side effects. This is what you should know..

Diet Pills on WebMD

WebMD is generally a good source of information, depending on the agenda or bias of its contributors. Some doctors do not see beyond prescriptions drugs and some are even-handed in their recommendations. One of the better reviews that I have seen is credited to Judi Goldstone, MD.

Dr. Goldstone’s review on Weight Loss Drugs is rather brief with some important points, especially regarding the meager results vs. side effects of Xenical and the side effects of appetite suppressants (see below):

Results for Xenical

Diet Pills - Xenical Results

If the average weight loss of 12-13 lbs occurs within the first 6 months, this comes out to about 2 lbs per month. Hmm.

Side Effects: Appetite Suppressants and Xenical

Diet Pills - Dr. Goldstone on WebMD

It is pretty amazing what the FDA approves, don’t you think?

I hope this information if helpful.

Updating diet pills information,

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