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High Fructose Corn Syrup - Food Additives

High fructose corn syrup may be one of the worst synthetic food additives in human history. That’s right – it is synthetic, not natural. And it is a poison. Here is what it does to you. Read more… »

This note from Dave Babcock on FDA shenanigans about high fructose corn syrup. Quote: Let’s say I was making you dinner, and in preparing one of the ingredients was “fixed to a column by the use of a synthetic fixing agent, glutaraldehyde.” Even if I told you that I washed off all the “unreacted glutaraldehyde,” would you be willing to call the dinner I made you “natural?” Endquote Read more… »

High fructose corn syrup is evil. It is an addictive fake sugar product that makes you fat. It may be the worst food additive ever created. Avoid it at all costs. Here is what you must know about it. Read more… »