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The Worst Diet in Human History


Somewhere Julia Child is smiling. She always said that you can never have too much butter. Never mind that it harms your arteries or makes you fat, right?. Fast forward to the present. Julia would love investigative journalists who expose conventional wisdom about dietary fat as, well, unwise. The supposedly heart-healthy diet to reduce consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol, first foisted on the American public in the 1950s, has been a huge failure. It represents the epitome of dark science, driven by overzealous researchers, big egos, scientific bias, and impulsive institutional consensus. Oh, and money. Following the money explains a lot. Read more… »

Dietary science is full of holes. One of the biggest gaping holes, which is getting bigger, says that consuming saturated fat leads to cardiovascular disease. Gee, it must be true if Dr. Oz says it so often, right? Wrong! This myth is so all-pervasive that it constitutes medical idiocy. Here is what you ought to know instead, based on some excellent science. Read more… »