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Alli Reviews – Too Dangerous

Alli Reviews

Alli reviews of the scientific literature suggest this weight loss drug to be a wonderful treatment, if you expect minimum results, accompanied by nasty side effects. Here is what you should know..

Alli Reviews – The Results

Keep in mind that Alli is the low-dose, over the counter version of the prescription drug Orlistat or Xenical. You might expect the results to be better with the higher prescription dosages. The research cited here on Orlistat is as good as it gets.

Quotes here are from Orlistat on Wikipedia. You can read the full entry on Wikipedia at that link.

The summary of results below includes bolded red text for emphasis of what I think you might want to pay close attention to:

Alli Review - Weight Loss Results

This means that the weight loss over a one year period was modest – i.e., not very impressive. And it wasn’t directed at fat loss. In fact, the best results, based on scientific research, came from subjects who were also on a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet. Shoot! You could do THAT without Orlistat at all!

Even more telling is the comment about weight regain. Oops!

Side Effects

If a drug is not going to be very effective, at least you might be able to expect it to be harmless. How about those side effects? Scary…take a look here, especially at my bolded red text.

Alli Reviews - Orlistat Side Effects

Here is the deal: You are fine when you take Orlistat on a low-fat diet. This is because Orlistat blocks the absorption of fat in the diet. Fat passed into the colon makes a big party for colon bacteria, which bloom on undigested fat and make their own gas and acid. The symptoms are flatulence and watery diarrhea — not a good combination.

This is why you get ‘anal leakage’. Moreover, any fat that is not metabolized by colon bacteria passes into the feces, making them oily.

Lets’ summarize: gas, diarrhea, anal leakage, oily feces. Would you call this harmless?

And that doesn’t even consider that thrilling little comment about the potential for ‘severe liver injury’ and ‘acute kidney injury’.

Just another FDA-approved poison to enrich Big Pharma and ruin your life if you take it.

With my Alli reviews,

Dr. D

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