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Acai Weight Loss Scam Industry

The great acai weight loss scam is still in full force, despite rampant complaints. Research on weight loss claims is nonexistent. The berry comes from cheap sources and is then romanticized as a way to gouge the public. Acai nutritional qualities are average at best. Promotional articles are poorly written and even more poorly supported with the facts. See what I mean in these examples.

The scam truck
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Acai Weight Loss For Men

The problem of the overweight is quite popular with both women and men also, every person like to be young, strong and active, and also to be in a good shape.

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Acai Berry Research | The truth about acai berry and weight loss

The products advertised as containing Acai claim to lose weight, cleanse the colon, increases sexual desire and flatten your stomach at the same time. As with m.

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Is That Really The Truth?

No. Buyer beware. Actually, don’t be a buyer in the first place.

Avoiding acai weight loss scam nonsense,

Dr. D

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