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Wheat Belly Recipes - Frosting for Almond Bread

Okay, I exaggerate about the scientific part. Nevertheless, I did do some experiments with butter, cream cheese, and Stevia and came up with a nearly zero carb vanilla frosting that is to die for. Or at least to spread on almond bread. It sure is fun coming up with new wheat belly recipes! Here are two versions of my newly discovered formula. Read more… »

Wheat Belly vs. ChooseMyPlate


The Wheat Belly diet is a major thorn in the side of the USDA-backed ChooseMyPlate dietary recommendations – with good reason. Grains are not part of a healthy diet, whole or otherwise. Here is what you should know and do instead. Read more… »

Wheat Belly Recipes – Almond Bread


Got a wheat belly? How about some wheat-free, grain-free bread. Yes, bread. Here is a quick and delicious recipe that you can cook up in a couple of minutes. Read more… »

The bestselling book, Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis, provides logical explanations for why we should stop consuming wheat. The science behind this advice is mostly good, although a little uneven. Read more… »