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Phentermine Reviews – Avoid It

Phentermine Diet Pills

Phentermine reviews – this is a prescription drug that suppresses appetite. It is FDA-approved for treating overweight and obesity. This is must-read information before you consider taking it. Read more… »

Green Tea Weight Loss Research

Green Tea Weight Loss

Green tea weight loss is a hot topic in scientific research labs around the world. Scientists often obfuscate the meaning of their research. Does green tea work for weight loss or not? Here are some comments from scientific journals. Read more… »

Hoodia - Weight Loss Myth

Hoodia scientific research fails to show that supplementing with this herb leads weight loss. Celebrity and other testimonials to the contrary, it simply does not work. African hunters never used it for weight loss, and you shouldn’t either. Read more… »

Hoodia gordonii in South Africa

The published scientific research behind Hoodia as an appetite suppressant in humans is almost nonexistent. I think it is pretty amazing how an entire industry based on this herb has been built on the equivalent of a house of cards. Read more… »

Acai Berry Scams

Acai berry scams started with myths about scientific research on weight loss. There is no such research in reputable scientific journals. Read more… »

Acai Berry Reviews on PubMed

Acai berry reviews almost never provide any real science. However, such research is readily available to the public at PubMed. Here is the complete list. Read more… »